Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Want to host a Coupon Workshop?

Tired of paying a fortune at the grocery store?  Want to learn how to get everyday items for cheap or even FREE? I can teach you how to save money on everyday purchases!

If you would like to host a PurposefulPennies Coupon Workshop for your friends email me at for more info.
  • Each class is ONLY $5 per person. Attendees pay upon arrival to the class.
  • The class fee is waived for the host!
  • For every 10 friends that attend the host will receive a $5 gift card to a local establishment!
  • The host is responsible for providing a location to hold the workshop. You may want to provide snacks and drinks for the workshop attendees but this is not required.
  • A handout of all the information covered will provided.
  • There will be fun door prizes!
  • All you need to bring is $5 and a pen/pencil!