Saturday, May 14, 2011

Meal Planning

Planning your meals is a great way to save money! There are lots of ways to go about this. I plan my menu for two weeks at a time and I go shopping weekly. Planning meals really cut down out trips to the store which means less opportunities to spend money!

First, I look to see how many nights we are going to be home that week and then plan meals accordingly. So for one week I usually have  a list of 5-7 meals to chose from. Then, I look in my cabinet, fridge and freezer to see what I already have. Fortunately we get half a beef from my Father-In-Law and don't have to purchase much meat. I also look through the store adds and my list of weekly coupon deals to see what I can get for free/cheap. After I see what ingredients I already have (or will be getting free/cheap), I begin planning the meals. I try to mix things we have and new recipes. I love looking at Allrecipes for new recipes to try.

When I have all my recipes, I make a list. I try to be very thorough. If I am not, it means running to the store several times that week and I hate that! Next, I add all the other things to the list that wewill need (snacks, cleaners, toiletries, etc.). After I make my list, I gather my coupons/store adds and head to the store.

Our Meal Plan This Week
Hamburgers, veggies and fruit
Roast, potatoes and carrots
Waffles and sausage
Spaghetti with spaghetti squash and salad
Dinner Out